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Stellar Stella Goes Home Early from the NICU for Valentine's Day

Stella was born 3 months premature on December 3rd, 2018 and weighed only 1,100 grams.  She spent her first Christmas and New Years in the NICU but she's spending Valentine's Day at home with her family.

Infants born as early as Stella face many hurdles, perhaps the most difficult is the ability to independently feed.  After 5 weeks of being on a feeding tube, Stella was ready to try oral feeding.  This is where many problems occur that can derail progress by up to 45 days, but it's where nurses coined her nickname, Stellar Stella.  Beginning on a nfant® Slow Flow Nipple she navigated the common pitfalls, steadily gained weight, met her milestones and even started breastfeeding.  After 66 days in the NICU she was discharged home, a month ahead of schedule!  Her parents and big sister are excited to celebrate Valentine's day at home together. 

Stella's Feeding Outcomes: 


  • 80% of feedings done by Mom & Dad in the NICU

  • No significant feeding adverse events using nfant® Slow Flow

  • Discharged home without a feeding tube at 5lbs

  • Continues to gain weight at home using nfant® Standard Flow Nipples

  • Breastfeeds before every bottle feeding

NFANT's Role in Stella's NICU Success

At NFANT Labs, we are honored Stella's parents chose to use nfant Nipples to help her on her journey.  "We wanted to do everything we could to help Stella, so when it came to feeding we pushed for nfant® Nipples.  Stella took to them immediately and the results had nursing buying in quickly." said Adam, Stella's Father "The great care from the hospital staff and reliable products like nfant helped us get Stella home, and we couldn't be happier"


Happy Valentine's day Stella.  We hope you enjoy it at home with your family.  Keep on being stellar and thank you for sharing your story with us.  


- NFANT Labs