We are dedicated to improving the standard of care in infant feeding through objective, evidence based clinical tools

We will continue to push the edge of innovation for this fragile population and those that care for them. 


About Us

NFANT Labs is a medical device and digital health company dedicated to improving the standard of care in infant feeding by providing objective, evidence based medical products and services without prohibitive cost. Currently, the NICU feeding experience is one of uncertainty and financial hurdles. At NFANT Labs, we believe that care in the NICU can be continuously improved and affordable when caregivers are empowered with the right tools for vital decisions and treatments.

Who We Help

In the United States, up to 70% of infants born prematurely and 10% of infants born full term have trouble transitioning to breast or bottle feeding on their own.  Troubles with feeding can result in significant health problems for the infant such as apnea (infant stops breathing) and bradycardia (infant’s heart rate diminishes) even extending to the parents who exhibit PTSD symptoms. Yet, preterm oral feeding in general has been underserved and understudied, resulting in limited evidence based treatment guidelines. 

These reasons compelled NFANT Labs co-founders Dr. Gilson Capilouto, a clinician with 30 years of experience, and Dr. Tommy Cunningham, an engineer with an expertise in biomechanics, to develop nfant®Feeding Solution, the first non-invasive diagnostic biofeedback tool to help clinicians identify and treat an infant’s ability to feed safely and efficiently. It is also the first Internet of Things (IoT) device cleared by the FDA for the NICU.