infant feeds using the nfant slow flow nipple
The nfant nipple allows controlled flow feeding

Product Information

The line of nfant®Nipples provides a consistent experience for infants as they transition to full oral feeding. Uniform size, shape and materials provide reliable compression resistance and response from no flow through to standard flow. Flow rates are controlled through laser precision and self-venting features eliminate the need for specialty bottle systems.  

Reliably Slower Flows for Safer Feeds

nfant no flow training nipple

No Flow


Introducing the

No Flow Trainer

Perfect for beginning an infant's feeding transition, the nfant No Flow provides a non-nutritive feeding experience as similar to nutritive feeding as possible.   

Incremental Flows

The nfant Incremental Flow Rate nipples feature the same size, shape and materials as the No Flow providing a uniform experience through the feeding transition.  Flow rates are controlled with laser precision and self venting features eliminate the need for specialty bottle systems.

nfant extra slow flow nipple

Extra Slow Flow


3 mL/min

nfant slow flow nipple

Slow Flow


6 mL/min

nfant standard flow nipple

Standard Flow


9 mL/min