NFANT Labs provides a full feeding and documentation system from objective diagnostic and interventional tools to a reporting platform with cloud-based analytics.​


The nfant® Sensor & nfant® Coupling connect to any standard bottle and nipple allowing clinicians to see the immediate impacts of their interventions through a real time feeding trace displayed on the nfant® Mobile App.


The nfant® Analytics web portal provides objective metrics that can be compared to full term infants in order to help clinicians guide premature infants to a safe and healthy transition to independent oral feeding.

Product Information



The nfant coupling
The nfant sensor recieves information during feeding

Cribside Diagnostics

Any standard bottle can be turned into a smart device using the nfant® Coupling and nfant® Sensor, allowing seamless integration into existing NICU workflow.



Tracks progress and interventions for all caregivers to review, promoting continuity of care.

  • Cribside feeding reports ensure seamless handoff

Streams feeding data instantly from the nfant® Sensor to the clinician’s tablet, allowing clinicians to instantly see the impact of their interventions and tailor care for every infant.

The nfant mobile app
  • Monitor trends and compare metrics to full term infants

  • Identify at risk infants for better resource allocation

Review and edit patient and feeding history

View all patients available for review or discharge

Generate Feeding reports for integration into patient charts and the EHR.