nfant® Nipple

Reliably Slower Flows for Safer Feeds

nfant® Nipples provide a consistent experience for infants as they transition to full oral feeding. nfant® offers a series of bottle nipples with increasing flow rates to match every baby's feeding stage and style. 

nfant® Nipples are trusted by hospitals nationwide and now parents can purchase nfant® Nipples via Amazon

Study Shows nfant Nipples are Best in Class

The most recent research demonstrates that nfant Nipples are the slowest and most reliable flow rates on the market today.


Consistent and safe flow rates play an important role in any infant's successful transition to full oral feeding.  This is particularly important in infants with complex medical conditions.  nfant Nipples deliver on these goals and represent NFANT Labs' continued commitment to providing research-based tools to promote safe and healthy feedings.

Nipple Flow Range Comparison

Nipple Flow Range Comparison for B&W.jpg

Flow Rate (mL/min)

= mean flow rate

95% confidence interval.


Flow Rate was measured by replicating the methodology from Pados BF et al. Advances in Neonatal Care 2018; 19(1):32-41.


Measurements were validated by testing nipples in study to verify they matched the study results


No Flow Trainer

Perfect for beginning an infant's feeding transition, the nfant No Flow provides a non-nutritive feeding experience as similar to nutritive feeding as possible.

nfant no flow training nipple

No Flow


nfant extra slow flow nipple
nfant slow flow nipple
nfant standard flow nipple

Extra Slow Flow

Gold 3 mL/min

Incremental Flows

nfant Incremental Flow Rate nipples feature uniform size, shape, and materials. This combination provides reliable compression, resistance, and response as infants transition to full oral feeding.

Slow Flow

Purple 6 mL/min

Standard Flow

White 9 mL/min

2x Standard Flow

Blue 18 mL/min

3x Standard Flow

Green 27 mL/min