nfant® Feeding Solution and Analytics

nfant®Feeding Solution and nfant®Analytics support a cue based feeding approach by providing real time biofeedback and objective metrics to help clinicians guide premature infants to a safe, healthy transition to independent oral feeding.


Any standard bottle can be turned into a smart device using the nfant® Coupling and nfant® Sensor, enabling a seamless integration into existing NICU workflow. Our devices can be paired with nutritive and non nutritive nipples. ​


The mobile app streams feeding data instantly from the nfant® SSB Sensor to the clinician’s tablet. This allows them to immediately see the impact of their interventions so they can tailor care towards each infant.


Review objective feeding metrics for each intervention on nfant Analytics. Compare feedings to full term metrics and generate reports for each patient’s electronic medical record or paper chart, further promoting easy, continuous communication between caregivers.