NFANT Labs Receives European Patent Protection for Solution Targeting Infant Feeding Complications

ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwired - Mar 9, 2016) -  NFANT Labs LLC announced today it has received a notice of grant of its pending European patent, extending the patent coverage of the nfant® Feeding Solution outside of the U.S. market. The European patent, entitled "Tongue Strength Evaluation System and Method," complements U.S. patents recently issued to NFANT Labs for technology that non-invasively monitors feeding metrics and uses a mobile app to track feeding progression as an infant matures.

Infant feeding complications are one of the leading causes of delay in discharge from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and driver of the cost of care. Up to 70% of premature and 10% of full-term infants exhibit trouble transitioning to bottle or breast feeding on their own, affecting over 1.5M infants in the U.S. and Europe annually.

The nfant® Feeding Solution, NFANT Labs' flagship product, is currently sold in the U.S. and the grant of the European patent signals NFANT Labs' intention to expand into international markets. This is a pivotal step in NFANT Labs' plan to improve the standard of care for infants with feeding disorders on an international scale.

"NFANT Labs was started with the mission of helping infants overcome health struggles regardless of where they are born," said Tommy Cunningham, COO of NFANT Labs and lead inventor. "International expansion of our IP portfolio lays the foundation to extend our services outside of the U.S to patients who need our care."


About NFANT Labs

Founded in 2013, Atlanta-based NFANT Labs is an emerging medical device company focused on improving the outcomes and lives of neonatal infants through internet-connected medical devices. Its product, nfant® Feeding Solution, is the first FDA-cleared "Internet of Things" (IoT) medical device for the NICU. Improving the standard of feeding care by collecting objective data and tracking feeding progression has the potential to shorten NICU stays, reduce readmissions and deliver substantial savings. For more information about NFANT Labs, please visit

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