Georgia Bio Announces Innovation Award Winners

ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Georgia Bio today announced recipients for the Innovation Award. The Innovation Award will be presented to NFANT Labs, LLC for their nfant® Feeding Solution product; Abeome Corporation for the Abeomouse; and Dr.Mark R. Prausnitz of the Georgia Institute of Technology.

The Georgia Innovation Award honors the department, institution, company or individuals who are forging new ground by thinking outside traditional paradigms to create some unique technology. The recipients will receive their awards at the Georgia Bio Annual Awards Dinner January 28, 6 pm to 9 pm, at Atlanta’s Fox Theatre. Visit for more details.


NFANT Labs is an emerging medical device company empowering the future of neonatal and pediatric medicine by producing smart products developed to deliver objective and measurable data on the most common and crucial problems faced by NICU infants. Its first product, nfant® Feeding Solution, is the first FDA-cleared IoT medical device focused on the NICU and concentrates on one of the utmost vital aspects of an infant’s growth and development and one of the top reasons for delays in discharge –feeding. Through its products, the company is changing the way the world’s most vulnerable infants are being cared for and nurtured, ultimately ensuring better outcomes and overall quality of life from the hospital and beyond.

NFANT is being recognized for its nfant® Feeding Solution product. Unlike an ordinary baby bottle, nfant® Feeding Solution is the only medical device that can determine an infant’s tongue movement during actual feeding and provide objective, measurable data.

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