Feeding is the most complex skill an infant must learn

​​"The nfant Feeding system has been instrumental in bringing best practices to the bedside through educating parents, staff and physicians on the individual infant's skills."

—  Nanette G, Feeding Specialist


experience feeding problems

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of premature infants

70% of premature infants experiece feeding problems
35% of full term infants experience feeding problems

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of full term infants

1 in 10 infants are born prematurely worldwide

"As a parent of a preemie, I felt powerless to help my baby feed. Our baby could not independently feed and was at risk of being discharged from the hospital with a feeding tube. The combination of the exceptional staff and nfant Feeding Solution helped us safely navigate through bottle feeding. The objective metrics helped us make small, steady improvements without setbacks. Now we are exclusively breastfeeding at home. Thanks to the clinicians and NFANT."

—  Amy D., Preemie Parent

The Complete System for Cue Based Feeding

nfant® Feeding Solution

Connects to standard bottles and nipples, wirelessly sends feeding data.

nfant® Feeding Solution

Clinicians quickly determine optimal feeding parameters through objective metrics.

nfant® Patient Database and nfant® Analytics

nfant® nipples

Algorithms deliver results to clinicians. Feeding teams use patient feeding reports to share information as well as determine recommendations.

Consistent nipple flow rates help safely transition infants from tube to oral feeding.

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We Support Clinicians that Care for Infants Struggling to Feed

Support Objective Clinical Decisions

Objective tools allow clinicians to see the impact of their interventions in real time and compare metrics across interventions.

Maintain Continuity of Care

Feeding reports and analytics connect caregivers, ensuring seamless communication and clinical handoffs.  

Connect Parents and Clinicians

Moment to moment feeding traces help clinicians educate parents so they can better understand the care that their infant needs.

“The nfant Feeding Solution has verified and enhanced my confidence with clinical decisions.”

— Autumn H., SLP Feeding Specialist


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Improving the standard of feeding care by collecting objective data and tracking feeding progression has the potential to shorten NICU stays, reduce readmissions and deliver substantial savings