Smart Solutions, Healthier Babies


Smart Solutions, Healthier Babies


nfant® Feeding Solution

  • Monitor Progress During Feeding Transition
    Measures movement of the tongue on the nipple during pacifier and bottle sucking.

  • 100% Portable
    Small NICU footprint. Integrates into normal clinical workflow with minimal setup.

  • User-friendly
    Fits most standard nipples, pacifiers, and bottles.

Providing new objective data on infant feeding.


nfant® Mobile App

  • Bluetooth Smart® communication connects seamlessly to the clinician’s mobile device

  • Feeding metrics are displayed in real-time for clinical evaluation

  • Captures clinical parameters impacting feeding such as position, nipple type, fluid characteristics, and feeder.

Utilizes the latest in mobile technology to deliver objective clinical information, drive down capital costs and minimize Neonatal ICU footprint.


nfant® Patient Database    

  • HIPAA compliant security protocols
  • Statistical Modeling Comparisons
    Individual Feedings
    Patient Progression
    Within & Between Clinical Locations

  • Evidence based decisions for patients, providers and payers.  

Leverages the power of data & metrics to help clinicians make informed decisions to track infant progress towards discharge.