Smart Solutions, Healthier Babies


Smart Solutions, Healthier Babies


nfant® Feeding Solution

  • Suck-Swallow-Breathe 
    Strength & Coordination Data

  • Nutritive & Non-Nutritive Suck
    Objective Metrics

  • Feeding Analytics
    Real-time & Past Feedings 

Providing new objective data to help clinicians navigate infants to safer and faster independent oral feeding.


nfant® Mobile App

  • Bluetooth Smart® communication connects seamlessly to the clinician’s mobile device

  • Feeding metrics are displayed in real-time for clinical evaluation

  • Integrates into normal clinical workflow with minimal setup

Utilizes the latest in mobile technology to deliver objective clinical information, drive down capital costs and minimize Neonatal ICU footprint.

nfant® Patient Database

  • HIPPA compliant security protocols

  • Statistical Modeling Comparisons
    Individual Feedings
    Patient Progression
    Within & Between Clinical Locations
  • Evidence based decisions for patients, providers and payers.

Leverages the power of data & metrics to help clinicians make informed decisions to track infant progress towards discharge.